Day 12 at Nimrod Hall Writers’ Workshop


Day 12

country path on misty morning at Nimrod Hall, Virginia
A path not walked

The last day at Nimrod is always bittersweet. All the paths not walked. All I won’t see come to fruition–like this rose in the Square House flower box.

blooming rose
Rose coming on

And the naked ladies are just coming on. There will be a huge display, but searching now reveals only spears of varying heights, rather like an asparagus bed in spring. I guess the summer heat here is recent.

Away from here I won’t walk before breakfast. When will I again notice a toad or see a katydid?

But what I’ll miss most is the focus on writing with other writers, discussing ideas, process, and progress–not to mention book recommendations! Of course there is always some of that in my life, but it’s scattered and intermittent.

Nimrod is addictive. One of the writers from last week, Molly Todd, drove over from Richmond for a few more days–and brought her husband!

Author Molly Todd and her husband
Molly Todd and her husband

Except for being the last, it was like every other day. We talked writing before dinner, and after everyone read for five minutes. I read three pages from my new novel, developed this week.

Cathy Hankla, this week’s writer in residence is wonderful. She’s been working her magic here for more than twenty years. Cathy has published eleven books–short stories, novels, and poetry–so far. She’s won numerous prizes and is the Susan Gager Jackson professor of creative writing at Hollins University.

Author Cathy Hankla holding her book at Nimrod Hall Writers' Workshop
Cathy Hankla

Charlotte Morgan, a novelist, is the writer in residence for Week 3, but she’s also the coordinator of the Nimrod writing programs. Anyone who comes during the first two weeks gets a two-fer, for Charlotte gives generously of her insights and support. Her laugh is famous!

Author Charlotte Morgan at Nimrod Hall Writers' Workshop
Charlotte Morgan

And so I’m wrapping up, having just headed back to Square House in the dark that is so much darker here than in the city.

Square House at night, Nimrod Hall Writers' Workshop
Square House at night

Nimrod Hall, established in 1783, has been providing summer respite from everyday stress since 1906. It has been operating as an artist and writer colony for over 25 years. The Nimrod Hall Summer Arts Program is a non-competitive, inspirational environment for artists to create without the distractions of everyday life. The 2015 Writers’ Workshop writers-in-residence are Sheri Reynolds, Cathryn Hankla, and Charlotte G. Morgan


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