Works in Progress

Vivian Lawry is currently working on two novels, two collections of linked short stories, and a murder mystery series.

Nettie’s Books is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, 1930-1935. The story follows Nettie from spinster librarian to married mother, and chronicles the people and events that shape her transformation.

Broken Vessel is the story of a woman who strives to win her father’s approval, her husbands’ love, and God’s blessings. Thoroughly nice, helpful, and cooperative, she avoids confrontation, puts everyone else’s needs above her own–and makes some startlingly scandalous choices. What will be her life lessons?

Almost Family is memoir-based fiction, a collection of linked short stories. The people are rooted in Appalachia, struggling against poverty, striving for a better life–sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, always determined.