Day 3 at Nimrod Hall Writers’ Workshop

Nimrod Hall Travel Log

Day 3

Yesterday was a tough writing day. I couldn’t control the movements of my cursor–no creating, editing, or even printing documents. At a writing workshop! I tried everything I or others could think of. By late afternoon I was ready to pull my flat hair out by the roots. But as I was starting to unplug the @!*#¥ thing, I noticed how hot it was. Could it possibly be suffering heat stroke? What you see below is The Fix: four travel-size bars of soap elevating my laptop and allowing air flow.

Laptop on soap during day 3 at Nimrod Hall Writers Workshop

BTW, this big wooden table isn’t the one I brought from home. Between last year and this, “my” room in Square House was gifted with this table and an arm chair. Whoopee!

Rain this morning prevented my before-breakfast walk, so no scenic views along Nimrod Lane or the Cowpasture River–but there’s still time!

Anyway, great writing today. Yesterday’s workshop feedback inspired me to create a more powerful ending for my memoir. I think it will be ready to send out soon!

UPDATE: Nimrod Hall, established in 1783, has been providing summer respite from everyday stress since 1906. It has been operating as an artist and writer colony for over 25 years. The Nimrod Hall Summer Arts Program is a non-competitive, inspirational environment for artists to create without the distractions of everyday life. The 2015 Writers’ Workshop writers-in-residence are Sheri ReynoldsCathryn Hankla, and Charlotte G. Morgan

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