Day 1 at Nimrod Hall Writers’ Workshop

My room at Nimrod Hall Writers' Workshop


Nimrod Hall Travel Log

Day 1

Midnight is approaching. I’m wiped out–equal parts exhaustion and expectation! Sheri Reynolds is the writer-in-residence for Week 1. I met her this afternoon when she helped unload my “stuff,” got to know her a bit during our organizational meeting, and heard her read in our after-dinner session. She is enthusiastic, funny, well organized, and flexible. What’s not to love?

I just finished setting up the work area of my bed/writing room. The oldest part of the main building at Nimrod dates from 1783. Now it’s greatly expanded plus there are numerous outbuildings. My room is in Square House, photo to follow in the next day or so.

But wherever the room, the amenities are the same: no TV, no phone, no heat, and no AC. Although each room is equipped with a fan, I brought my own so I can have simultaneous intake and exhaust. Last I checked, the temperature was 81. I’m hoping for pleasant sleeping soon.

UPDATE: Nimrod Hall, established in 1783, has been providing summer respite from everyday stress since 1906. It has been operating as an artist and writer colony for over 25 years. The Nimrod Hall Summer Arts Program is a non-competitive, inspirational environment for artists to create without the distractions of everyday life. The 2015 Writers’ Workshop writers-in-residence are Sheri ReynoldsCathryn Hankla, and Charlotte G. Morgan

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