Bike race writing prompt


The fun begins! No doubt we will hear and read a lot about the races in the week ahead. Your challenge for this week is to consider the following writing prompts and write a story—or more than one! Fiction, genre, style, none of that matters to me. Just be sure bicycles are a central element. Please share what you create!

Write a story in which a bicycle is central to love and/or romance.

sketch of tandem bicycle surrounded by hearts

Write about how and why this bicycle is on the roof of a dry cleaning business.

blue bicycle on top of dry cleaner in Ashland, Virginia

Write a story about biking under the influence. (My preference is that the message be it isn’t a good thing to do—but that isn’t a rule!)

bicycles outside wine bar

Write about someone who commutes by bicycle.

bicycle locked to sign

Write about bicycles that are able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!

two bicycles suspended from awning in Ashland, Virginia

And in the spirit of Stephen King (a write-by-the-seat-of-his-pants author who starts with a single question): What if a cyclist on a country road suddenly realizes that his bicycle is turning to jelly? What if bicycles could reproduce the way (choose an animal) do? What if bicycles had secret night lives? Or start with your own What if...?


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