Love in the Time of Eastern Box Turtles

A while back I posted a photo of a male Eastern box turtle across from my house. Now I think he’s a local! This photo is from the park behind my house. What shall I name him?

Male Eastern box turtle
Male Eastern box turtle

But even more exciting is what happened in my back yard! A totally rare event: TWO box turtles! And then I saw them mating.

Female Eastern box turtle
Female Eastern box turtle
Eastern box turtles before mating
The pursuit
eastern box turtles mating
The capture: Eastern box turtles mating

He seems to be the constant, but with luck, she will leave eggs here.

When I did box turtle research in grad school, we fed them lettuce, blueberries, and hamburger. That fare is definitely not available in the park OR on the bank behind my house. But I hope he is–they are–happy!

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