Back From the Dead

Actually, I haven’t been dead, just buried. But after a long stretch when life was on top of me, I am again motivated to try my hand at social media. I’ve recently had a book signing at Sailing Associates, in Georgetown, MD, featuring Tiger Heart, the second Chesapeake Bay Mystery. The next signing scheduled is for the Chestertown Book Festival, Chestertown, MD, on Saturday, Sept. 21. img_7534


  1. I read your story in FORGE (the print copy) and thought I would say so. Say too that I enjoyed the piece. I have a story in the same issue. While FORGE came out last summer I am just now getting to read the stories. I have trouble, my neck begins to hurt, with reading off of a screen. I hope this finds you well. With good wishes, Raymond Abbott

    1. Thank you! I’ve been having some health issues myself, which puts me even more behindhand than usual, although I have tried to keep writing. Praise from a fellow writer is a special treasure!

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