Virginia Is For Mysteries on a Roll!

The Virginia Festival of the Book Crime Wave just ended, and I am dancing. Five contributors to VIFM presented a panel yesterday. More than 100 people attended, very receptive, good questions. The bookstore serving the Festival sold out of the books they brought AND all the books they could scrounge for consignment. Today we learned that Virginia Is For Mysteries was the best-selling book in the Crime Wave track! Book signings and talks are scheduled through February ’15! I’ll have to get off my duff and post the schedule as these events draw near.


I’d post a picture of me with Lisa Scottoline but my eyelids are at half-mast and I look half-smashed—just a smudge better than my driver’s license photo!


  1. Hi Vivian

    It was great to meet all of the Mystery Sisters in C’ville. I’m the guy who killed the character at the bus stop, if you’ll recall. That story’s still rattling around in my brain. But first, I’ve written a “creative nonfiction” telling of a 2005-06 murder case in Arlington. I covered the trial thinking there was a story but the whole damned case was just so sad, I dropped it. Well, I’ve picked it up again and “Murder on Vacation Lane” has been born. It’s a grisly beheading – tease!

    Let me know if you’d like to read it because I’d really appreciate your thoughts.


    Dennis Whitehead

    1. I have health problems for the last several months and am pretty much behindhand on everything! My apologies for overlooking your post earlier. Congratulations on wrapping it up! Have you submitted?

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