March is one of those in-between months, not really winter and not yet reliably warm. But there are literally hundreds of occasions for celebrating in March so, much to enjoy! Here are some you probably hadn’t considered.

For example, March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month. I will abstain, thank you very much, because I have a severe anaphylactic reaction to guinea pig dander. On the other hand, eating guinea pig—as I did in Peru—is perfectly fine. In Peru, guinea pig is a major source of protein, analogous, perhaps, to chicken in the United States.

And there is March 10, when we “spring forward” and set the clocks ahead one hour—as if anyone wants to celebrate “losing” an hour.

Celebrating Days in March

Dress in Blue Day, 3/1 (fundraiser/ awareness for colorectal cancer)

I’m sorry to say, we’ve already passed several great days, but feel free to mark your calendar for next year.

World Book Day, 3/7 (first Thursday in March)
National Napping Day, 3/11 (Monday after Daylight Savings starts)
  • International Astrology Day, 3/20 (same day as the Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox or the first day of the astrological sign of Aries)
  • OK Day, 3/23 (not to be confused with Oklahoma Day, which is April 22)
  • Earth Hour, 3/30m 8:30 pm (worldwide event: turn off all power for 60+ minutes to help save the planet)

Celebrating Weeks in March

Weeks for those who need a little extra time to get with the program.

Celebrating All Month Long

Month-Long Observances for those who are into party time, all the time.

Of course, March has St. Patrick’s day, (3/16) and Easter (3/31 in 2024), but they are so well-known they need no reminders. But if you haven’t already started observing the United Nations’ International Year of Camelids, you can start now. You still have ten months to celebrate llamas, alpacas, camels, dromedaries, vicuñas, etc….!

Bottom Line: There’s always a reason to celebrate in March—or at least to get involved and expand your awareness.

Spring Holiday Reading

spring holiday reading
Given that the most prominent spring holiday is Easter, my first inclination was to write about that. However, upon researching it, I found so much information online that anything I blogged would be a mere taste. So, if that is your interest, by all means search the web.
beatrix potter complete tales
For some reason, whenever I think about Easter-related reading, I think Beatrix Potter. Maybe it’s the rabbits. In any event, her stories—the first published in 1901—are timeless, and still sell millions of copies worldwide. Why not dip into one—or more? You will be charmed. Or if you are a long-time fan, maybe you will be charmed all over again.


As you may know by now, I am an equal-opportunity celebrant. Although Easter is by far the most important holiday, there are numerous bizarre and unique holidays this time of year as well. Between now and Easter, we have the following.


4/11 Eight Track Tape Day (remember those?), Barbershop Quartet Day, National Submarine Day
national submarine day
4/12 Big Wind Day, Russian Cosmonaut Day
4/13 Scrabble Day
scrabble day
4/14 Ex-spouse Day, International Moment of Laughter Day, Look Up At The Sky Day, National Pecan Day, Reach as High as You Can Day


4/15 Husband Appreciation Day (3rd Saturday), Rubber Eraser Day, Titanic Remembrance Day
titanic remembrance day
The Titanic pictured in Cobh Harbour, 11 April 1912 [Public Domain]
4/16 Besides Easter this year, fixed holidays include National Eggs Benedict Day, National Librarian Day, National Stress Awareness Day


So, whether you read about Easter and/or pick up a Beatrix Potter, why not crack open one of these lesser-known celebrations?
spring holiday reading

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