Beware Beautiful Words

Beware Beautiful Words
Writers are readers, by and large, and also word collectors. We tend to fall in love with words. Some writers make a career of writing about words as well as with them.
The Word Museum by Jeffrey Kacirk
The Word Museum by Jeffrey Kacirk
One of my personal favorites is dudgeon. In the Chesapeake Bay Mysteries, Van reflected on Nora being truly formidable when in high dudgeon. And from my rural Ohio roots, I like caddywampus and whopperjawed (both of which mean, basically, out of kilter or poorly constructed) as well as redd, as in redd up the table (meaning clear away or make ready).


Belly-pinched, meaning starving


Blutterbunged, meaning confounded or overcome by surprise


Brownstudy, meaning gloomy meditation or distraction


Bruzzle, to make a great to-do


Cabobble, to mystify, confuse, or puzzle


Davering, wandering aimlessly or walking dazed


Fabulosity, meaning  being fabulous or telling lies


Falling-weather,rain, snow, or hail


Flamfoo, a gaudily dressed woman, a clothes horse


Flurch, a great many (things, not people)


Fuzzle, to make fuzzy or indistinct with drink


Greasy tongue, a flatterer


Heart-quakes, exactly what it sounds like


Hipshot, sprained or dislocated him


Nightfoundered, lost the way in the dark


Noggle, to walk awkwardly


Prinkle, a tingling sensation in the skin, gooseflesh?


Quanked, overcome by fatigue


Smoothery, ointment or medicine to take away hair


Squiggle, to slosh liquid around the mouth with the lips closed


Stepmother-year, a cold, unfavorable year


Tazzled, rough untidy hair


Teaty-wad, a lump of damp sugar in a twist of cloth to quiet an infant when the mother is unavailable to feed


Thinnify, to make thin


Thrunched, very angry or displeased


Unlicked, unpolished or unkempt


Woman-tired, henpecked


Advice to Writers

If you choose to use colorful, unusual words such as these, use each only once in a given story or novel. They will be noticed. The only exception is would be when a given word is a speech tag for a given character.


Not to worry. The world is full of rich language, plenty to go around!

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