Writing Love

The best written love must overcome obstacles.

writing love romeo and juliet
Romeo and Juliet by Frank Dicksee (1884) [Public domain]
Yes, parental objections, physical distance, poverty, etc., are great ploys. But CONSIDER THE POTENTIAL OF MISCOMMUNICATION.

writing love pride and prejudice cover
Cover of Pride and Prejudice from 1894 [Source: Pinterest]
Jane Austin nailed misunderstanding. You can, too. Want a handy guide? Check out The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

writing love five love languages gary chapman

This book explores five ways people express love.

#1 Words of Affirmation
#2 Quality Time
#3 Receiving Gifts
#4 Acts of Service
#5 Physical Touch

According to the author, each person has a predominant mode of expression.

FOR PLOT PURPOSES, you need only have two people with different preferences for expressions of love to go unrecognized.

This book is a NYT #1 Bestseller. The writing is accessible, the examples informative. I recommend it!

And as so often happens, there are now niche sequels.

writing love five love languages gary chapman

GO FOR SOME LOVE! After all, Valentine’s Day is coming soon.