Read Again

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I recently read a piece in The Flyleaf, a publication of the friends of the Hiram College Library. In it, Ugur Aker, a professor emeritus of economics and management, contributed the inaugural review of work from the past which is worthy of renewed consideration. In his essay, Aker described what he had taken from the book back then, and how different his current take-away is.

your money your life
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This made me think of a book read while I was at Hiram. This book essentially encouraged readers to consider what their work produced in terms of money and less tangible benefits compared to how their lives might be enriched by putting less effort into paid employment and focusing more on spending money and time on things that truly bring happiness and satisfaction. Unlike Professor Aker, I find I get the same message from the book today.

My challenge to you is to reread something that really struck you a decade or more ago and consider what you think of it now.