There’s a Rule for That!

book of rules

This is a fun read and less than 200 pages. For one thing, it’s humorous. And it’s a scientific fact that laughing is good for your physical and mental health. So, even if you aren’t rule-bound, you might want to be rule-informed.


The authors are concerned with everyday actions which—although neither immoral nor illegal—are generally considered improper. In general, these are rules for getting along well in U.S. society. Readers are encouraged to suggest additions or amendments to


The rules are organized into the following chapters.
DRIVING, should you want to know about the Green Light Honk, singing along with the radio, who controls the dashboard configuration, and similar vital information.


SHOPPING, including the proper direction and speed of pedestrian flow, shopping cart selection and return, seasonal shopping guidelines, and the proper protocol for found money, to name a few.


DINING OUT, besides dress codes and tipping guidelines for awkward situation, includes dining out with coupons, touching hot plates, and offering compliments/complaints—and more!


FOOD, including accommodating vegetarians, the cereal box prize, and the thickness of peanut butter and jelly.


HABITS AND MANNERS: Who doesn’t want to know how to yawn properly, issue an acceptable fart, or notify an individual of bad breath? This is a long chapter.


HOME: Learn how to make a 60-second sofa seat reservation, authorize the use of wind chimes, deal with yard parkers, and more.


BATHROOMS (such a major topic it’s separated from home in general): Look her for advice on locking the bathroom door, looking in a friend’s medicine cabinet, towel folding and display, and public restroom rules for men and for women. (BTW, I, for one, disagree with their guideline for dispensing toilet tissue.)


The remaining chapters of KITCHENS, DRESS, MULTIMEDIA, THE WORKPLACE, AND TRAVEL contain similarly essential and guidance. As I said, it’s a pleasant read. And if you are like me, intentionally flaunting the rules is inherently gratifying!


If you’re a writer, imagine the ideas for creating an unusual obsessive-compulsive character’s behavior. 
theres a rule for that